Welcome to the MAC!

By AVLS STAFF posted 04-28-2020 06:33 PM


We are glad you are here. The MAC is a place for AVLS members to gather, discuss different topics, and share resources to help each other improve.

Here is a quick guide to the MAC to get you started:

Subscription Options

There are several options to keep you informed of various conversations happening:

  • Real-Time: Community messages will be sent to your inbox as soon as they are posted.
  • Daily Digest (default): Once a day, you will receive an email combining all of the posts made during the day.
  • No Emails: You will not receive any email communications regarding posts to the community. However, you will still be able to log in online to view and respond to posts.


A discussion thread is a great way to ask a question of your fellow members. Within a discussion, you can reply to individual chains of the conversation or to the original post itself. Discussion posts are only visible to AVLS members who have logged into the MAC. You can also include photos, videos, or attachments to your discussion post.

Start a Discussion


Use a blog post to share information with AVLS members. While people may be able to leave comments, the ability to discuss a blog post is limited. Blog posts have a security setting allowing you to decide who will be able to read the post and can be left open to the public for anyone to read.

Write a Blog


The library is a way to share resources. If you have a document that you have found particularly helpful, then upload it to share it with others. Or download files that other members have uploaded to the library.

View the Library

Be sure to check out the Help/FAQ page to dive deeper into all that this community can offer!